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MARDUK - Dark Endless CD

MARDUK - Dark Endless CD

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Marduk is one of the most easy-to-overlook bands in the realm of black metal, simply because, upon a cursory inspection, they seem to play little more than blast beat-happy black metal throughout their whole discography. The band’s career is however much more varied than such a premature assumption would have most people believe, stretching from a very primitive, death metal-oriented beginning towards a relatively cyclic alternation between the faster, more brutal albums and some considerably slower-paced releases. Positioned at the very beginning of this evolution is Dark Endless, a unique hybrid of death metal and black metal released at about the same time as several of the more influential Norwegian Second Wave of black metal albums. Interestingly enough, while the album’s sound is mostly death metal, at least from an instrumental point of view, Dark Endless is undoubtedly a black metal album, dealing exclusively with darkness, death, chaos, the night, blackness and a general fascination with the supernatural.

Re-mastered CD from BLACK LODGE in digipak

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