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MARDUK - Frontschwein CD

MARDUK - Frontschwein CD

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War and its seemingly endless shades of inhumane and gruesome deeds are an inseparable part of mankind’s DNA and a quintessential conceptual element to such a defiant, immoral and contemptuous musical genre as black metal.

1990 formed Swedish act MARDUK underlines this fact vehemently with its 13th full-length album, “Frontschwein”, not only delivering the renowned and revered musical and lyrical onslaught but also heading back to the WW2-theme known from 1999’s classic “Panzer Division Marduk”.

On “Frontschwein”, 25 years of black metal history collide with eons of devastation and destruction amongst human beings. The result is an ugly, furious album true to MARDUK’s sinister legacy and true to the essence of black metal. Welcome to the front. There is no salvation.


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