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MASTER - Saints Dispelled LP

MASTER - Saints Dispelled LP

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When it says Master, you get Master. The new album “Saints Dispelled” is 100% Master! Now kneel before the Master! One of Death Metal’s founding bands, Czech Republic-based Death/Thrashers Master have been at the forefront of the style from the very beginning, being one of the first bands to ever adopt to this style back in the genre’s infancy. Now forty years on from the start and reaching album number fourteen (!), the titans offer forth this crushing new release “Saints Dispelled”. Master, a.k.a. the Motorhead of Death Metal, give us another viscous Death Metal offering in 2024. They have mastered what it means to produce high octane, ear drum bursting, unrelenting Death Metal once again. With a discography one can not count on two hands, they have rarely skipped a beat in producing the fast paced brutality we all so love and enjoy, and “Saints Dispelled is no exception, maybe we would rate it among their better albums (time will tell). This clearly is not the kind of album you can listen to listen to while reading a nice book and drinking some warm tea. Between the pounding drums, merciless riffing, and, of course, Speckmann’s wonderfully hideous vocals, “Saints Dispelled” does nothing short of furiously, punishing your mind. Start to finish, the album consistently splits your spine and breaks your neck with the mightiness of Master ‘s perfect idea of what old school Death Metal means. To elaborate: “Saints Dispelled” will, figuratively and literally, rip your face off, sew it back on, and rip it off again. As this is clearly a competent and highly professional act that knows what they’re doing, this is nicely displayed here with an album that has a lot to like about it, which makes this a wholehearted recommendation not only for fans of the band but all those who enjoy this ravenous style of old-school Death/Thrash metal.

Black vinyl limited to 1000 copies

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