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MOLTEN CHAINS - In The Antechamber Below LP

MOLTEN CHAINS - In The Antechamber Below LP

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The debut album of Vienna´s Molten Chains. A varied album packed with dark riffs and tortured vocals.
Molten Chains take occult-sounding heavy metal a la France’s Blaspheme—or more recently, Canada’s Cauchemar—and twist it with odd chord arrangements and spiraling riffage. Cascading bulges of thrash n’ trad-metal blasts of galloping sorcery make Molten Chains one of the straight up most promising new heavy metal bands of the year. Darker than hell imagery and relentless streams of riff after riff make for a very dense set of ideas that span 33 minutes but feel like a full 45.

Ltd. to 150 copies. Unborn Prod. 2020.

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