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MOONSCAPE - The Continuum Synergy CD

MOONSCAPE - The Continuum Synergy CD

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The third full length offering from Moonscape is a concept album where the story is set to the early 22nd century.

EDWARD NOLAN (Voiced by David Åkesson)
CLÉMENT MARTINS (Voiced by Drake Chrisdensen)
JOSEPH PALMER (Voiced by Ken Mills)
RODERICK GRAHAM (Voiced by Matthew Brown)
CHOIR OF MORTALS (Voiced by Matthew Brown, Greta Hajduková, Nina Pohleven, Marcela Villarroel, Stefani Keogh and Håvard Lunde)
NOSTRADAMUS (Voiced by Jim Brunaud)
released January 20, 2023

All titles written, composed and arranged by Håvard Lunde.

MOONSCAPE is a project founded by Håvard Lunde in February 2015, and is based in Gjøvik, Norway.

MOONSCAPE creates melodic, heavy and progressive music, where the progressive elements are mainly focused around atmosphere.

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