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MORBO - Addiction To Musickal Dissection LP

MORBO - Addiction To Musickal Dissection LP

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It's about time we released some proper corpse reeking death metal, and who better suited than Italy's Morbo? After festering in the underground for half a decade and putting out one demo (later released on vinyl by No Posers Please), the fivepiece have completed their debut album. "Autopsy, Necrophagia, Possessed, Master, Death, Rigor Mortis, Nihilist/Entombed, Repulsion, Sadistic Intent, Massacre, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Fulci, J. Buttgereit, real life and myths, abnormalities, religion’s cancerous ways, oppression, subconscious, iconoclasm, obsession, frustration, subliminal horrors, society, depravity and decadence are the factors that lead MORBO in writing music..... ", says the band, so there you go. This musickal dissection will have you addicted!

Ltd. 400 copies on black vinyl

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