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NECROPHOBIC - Satanic Blasphemies CD

NECROPHOBIC - Satanic Blasphemies CD

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With thirty years of active, nefarious service under their bulletbelts, NECROPHOBIC are undisputed legends of the Death and Black Metal underground. Formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner, the Stockholm based outfit propagated a singular and fearless vision from the very start, confirming their prowess with now legendary debut album The Nocturnal Silence in 1993.

Eschewing the self-conscious amateurism and primitive sonics that many of their peers held dear, NECROPHOBIC established a bold and vivid identity of their own, conjuring a densely melodic but endlessly wicked take on macabre extreme metal that countless lesser bands have since emulated.

This is a compilation of Necrophobic's second two studio demos "Slow Asphyxiation" Demo 1990, "Unholy Prophecies" Demo 1991 and their EP "The Call" 1992. The compilation was originally released in 2009 by Regain Records, but due to disagreements with Regain Records and never being properly compensated for this release, members of the band have stated that the release is considered a bootleg. With this re-release the band also present two demo tracks which have been recorded at their rehearsal place and were never released before

Limited edition CD in jewelcase with slipcase 

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