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Under the twilight torment of a thousand blood bane stars rises that eldritch being from beyond the ken of mortal men, and in putrid conspiracy with the hellish Inferna Profundus Records, does its name bear scars upon pallid flesh in sigil of Nightgaunt. Unleashing its debut incantation, Vistant, Nightgaunt has struck an audial poison of potent trauma; utilising a storming wall of raw black metal dripping with melancholy ichor and monolithic melodic spellcraft, to deliver its grand declaration of immortal solitude upon acolytes hungering for the shadows it succours. Ceaseless in its lambast of blast beat lechery it is a grim wonder Visitant is so brimming with engaging riffs and sombre atmospherics, with mastery of instrumentation allowing for relentless percussive battery and infectious structural composition simultaneously, no small feat for an embryonic nightmare still fresh from the minds grave. Howling a sorcery of raw black metal sadism oozing with Lovecraftain misery, Nightgaunt have proven the toxicity of their looming lament right out of the rusted tomb gates.

-180gr. Black vinyl. Limited to 100 copies.
-350gr. Jacket. Matt lamination. Black inside flood
-LP sized insert
-Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
-Plastic outer-sleeves

Inferna Profundus Records 2023

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