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NIHILISTIC FRONT, THE - Procession To Annihilation CD

NIHILISTIC FRONT, THE - Procession To Annihilation CD

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The Nihilistic Front, true to their name, perform an unfeeling, oppressive mesh of death and doom metal aesthetics which, while not exactly funereal in nature, is like watching a civilization smolder and decay. Process to Annihilation is nothing if not effective, but you've got to approach it with just about zero expectations other than dying from the audio equivalent of blacklung. An easy recommendation for death/doom purists who want it soul-wrenching, unforgiving and utterly without hope. You won't hear any subtle brilliance, or spy any lights and the end of tunnels, rays of sunshine spotting the cloud-cover...just endless fucking soot pumping out of smokestacks, settling on your skin and making you choke your life out.

Jewelcase CD, Aesthetic Death

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