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NOCTURNUS - Nocturnus LP (RED)

NOCTURNUS - Nocturnus LP (RED)

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The legendary NOCTURNUS 7'' EP from 1993 now released on a killer 12'' LP! 

The "Nocturnus" EP was released after the band had already split up (though the band would reform again years later). It contains only two tracks, and features James Marcinek playing drums in place of the departed Mike Browning. The overall sound is pretty similar to their previous release "Thresholds", with one notable exception: the eerie sci-fi atmospheres have been replaced by an aura of good old-fashioned malice. A rage pervades Dan Izzo's vocals like we've never heard before, and Marcinek's rolling double bass and energetic fills only heighten the chaos.

Mike Davis's lead guitar work is distinctive as always; the many solo breaks on these two songs feature all form of tapping, sweep picking, and further exhibition of fretboard dexterity, and when he wants to he can spray notes so fast from the upper registers the listener can only make out a squeaky sonic blur. The rhythm guitar is often doubled by synthesizer pads to give weight to the songs' focal melodies.

The first track, "Possess the Priest", is captivating and powerful. It cycles through quite a few melodic passages and solo breaks, united by vitriolic vocals and ceaseless rhythmic momemtum. It's progressive and accessible at the same time, and in my opinion, the best song Nocturnus ever recorded.

"Mummified", the second track, marries egyptian themed lyrics with some experimentation in middle-eastern tinged scales. It is interesting to note this predates works by Nile and other bands that would popularize this style. But to my ears the arabic themed riffs sound a bit contrived, and in spite of having a few brilliant sections, this song lacks the cohesiveness and focus of the previous track.

Nocturnus was a groundbreaking band, and for anyone new to the band, the full-length "Thresholds" is a more comprehensive exhibition of the talent and creativity that they introduced to the technical death metal genre. The two tracks here are essentially bonus material -- we can be thankful these recordings found their way to the public ear after the band's breakup, and this is some material fans of the band won't want to miss.

Classic killer stuff for everyone into the earliest days of the US Death Metal scene!

Official vinyl license from Moribund Records limited to 400 copies on red vinyl - THE DEVILS ELIXIRS 2023

(Picture shows also a black vinyl version - but we only have the red in stock)

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