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PA VESH EN - Catacombs LP

PA VESH EN - Catacombs LP

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Pa Vesh En is a master of raw black metal, creating haunting and harrowing soundscapes that envelop the listener in a fog of terror and despair. His music is a blend of distorted tremolos, thunderous percussion, anguished shrieks, and dark ambient textures that evoke a sense of dread and isolation. His previous releases, such as Pyrefication, Maniac Manifest, and Martyrs, have received critical acclaim for their atmospheric and experimental approach to the genre, as well as their sophisticated use of noise and effects.

"Catacombs" is not a mere rehash of old material, but a new perspective on Pa Vesh En's discography that will appeal to both fans and newcomers alike. It is a testament to the power and beauty of raw black metal, as well as the talent and vision of one of its most prolific and mysterious practitioners. Do not miss this chance to explore the depths of Pa Vesh En's Catacombs, where darkness reigns supreme.

-180gr. Black vinyl. Limited to 100 copies.
-350gr. Jacket. Matt lamination. Black inside flood
-LP sized insert
-Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
-Plastic outer-sleeves

Inferna Profundus Records 2023


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