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PALE SPEKTRE - Bereft Of Xerotic Layers CD

PALE SPEKTRE - Bereft Of Xerotic Layers CD

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PALE SPEKTRE is here! This German Black/Death band, a brand-new creation among three entities, was first formed in 2018, and just four years later, they ended up releasing their full-length debut release, "Bereft of Xerotic Layers", released in the fall of 2022 via "Nuclear War Now! Productions".

"BEREFT OF XEROTIC LAYERS" is not just black/death but plays one significant role, which is creating a black/death metal that's pure dark, chaotic, obscure, and utterly without borders—music that does whatever it wants whenever it wants.

Simultaneously, "Bereft of Xerotic Layers" plays black metal with an injection of primitive and barbaric death doom with a touch of war/bestial black metal and experimental metal, with its dark/untamed energy and tempo/speed gives the listener an unexpected journey and doing what it wants, not knowing when the tempo is going to change; the unsettling/atmosphere created by the use of the Organ and Theremin , the inhuman screams, instrumental work consists of slow/fast crushing drum strikes and blast-beats, guitars utilises primitive/dissonant sinner-like riffs and fret-board shredding, with moments of the drums and guitar adding a sprinkle of sabbath-like doom to the instrumental score.

"Bereft of Xerotic Layers" is indeed a hellish beast of its own, full of hunger, hideous, raw, chaotic, obscure, and dark. A band that feels like it arose from the most feral depths of the unknown, a musical spectrum, like a vortex opening to another dimension or the inferno pits of hell. PALE SPEKTRE reminds (somewhat) of the American Dissonant Technical Death act, ACAUSAL INTRUSION, and the horror soundscape/atmosphere of Australian act PORTAL. (Metal Temple)

Limited to 500x copies, 4-panel digipack w/ 4-page booklet on 135gsm art paper.

Nuclear War Now! / Amor Fati Productions 2022


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