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Norway's Black metal pineers PERISHED formed back in 1991 during the glorious days of first wave Norwegian black metal movement and the line-up includes members of bands like BLOODTHORN, WURDULAK, GORELORD and HELLSTORM.

They have released two full length albums which left an indelible trace of their music expression for the years to come.

Dusktone is now extremely proud to announce the next reissue of their second album "Seid" out of print for more than 10 years now.

Perished plays early norwegian black metal with some viking/epic influences.

"Seid" is undoubtedly a solid album that strikes the right balance between relentless and acoustically floating moments. it's an album to be rediscovered that will not disappoint all Gehenna and early Enslaved fans out there.

Jewelcase CD

Dusktone 2023


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