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PHANTASM - The Abominable LP (CLEAR)

PHANTASM - The Abominable LP (CLEAR)

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Old-school underground US Death Metal in full force. For fans of Baphomet, Resurrection, Autopsy, Rottrevore, early Obituary. The drummer and guitarist were also involved in DR. SHRINKER.

The band never released any albums but gained a following by doing some killer demos in the early '90ies. "The Abominable" was a compilation originally relased on CD in 1995. This is the first time it is released on vinyl.

- Tracks 1-6 taken from the 1992 The Abominable demo.
- Track 7 taken from the 1995 Gut Suckers single.
- Track 8 taken from the 1990 Lycanthropy demo

  • Jacket flooded black inside
  • Insert
  • Poster
  • Black poly-lined inner-sleeve
  • 180g crystal vinyl (lim. to 400 handnumbered copies)
  • Plastic protection sleeve

Official 2023 re-release by THE DEVIL'S ELIXIRS. Exclusively licenced from PHANTASM

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