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PROSELYTISM - The Desecration Of Ancient Bones LP

PROSELYTISM - The Desecration Of Ancient Bones LP

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Duplicate Records proudly present The Desecration Of Ancient Bones, the sophomore album of Norwegian thrash metal band PROSELYTISM, to be released on physical and digital formats March 24th, 2023.

Following up their necksnapping 2020 debut Blood Of The Deceivers with an even more intense slab of bloodcurdling death thrash Norwegian riff masters PROSELYTISM return more vicious than ever!
Desecrating those ancient bones from the time when thrash metal was starting to evolve more and more towards death metal, these 30 minutes of metal thrashing mayhem will relentlessly pummel any unsuspecting listener into submission.
Fans of oldschool thrash of the fast and brutal kind, take heed and give in to PROSELYTISM!

Ltd. 200 copies on black vinyl LP with insert.

Duplicate Records 2023

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