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PURULENCY - Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions 12'' MLP

PURULENCY - Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions 12'' MLP

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Tennessessean crudebashers PURULENCY serve up a spine-crippling demo “Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions”, a sickened gloop of ultra dense Lovecraftian reverence!

The four-track abhorrence captures the savagery and incessant hammeriffage of caveman-dominion, a display of impenetrable modern-day Death Metal with maximum phantasmal aura; the sheer heft of PURULENCY on this debut demo is a vicious indication of boundless ghast of otherworldy-heaviness hereafter.

Partial recording done between Classic Recording Studio, Bristol with Grammy-nominated engineer Mike Stephenson and PURULENCY frontman Harrison Hunt, “Transcendent Unveiling Of Dimensions” was mixed by PURULENCY session keyboard-player Ethan Camp (Mortiferum, Caustic Wound, etc) and mastering by Dan Lowndes (Carcinoid, Deiquisitor, Galvanizer, etc). Cover artwork by Finnish artist Luxi Lahtinen (Convulse, Grave, Abhorrence, etc).

BLACK vinyl with double-sided insert - PULVERIZED RECORDS 2024


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