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RELENTLESS AGGRESSION - A Shadow Of All Things Broken LP

RELENTLESS AGGRESSION - A Shadow Of All Things Broken LP

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A Norwegian monster fuelled by bellingerent energy, paying homage to old school Thrash, with a punkish edge. Based in Bergen, Norway.
More than 30 years ago a band was started with Yngve Eide (vocals), Finn Solemdal (guitars), Dag Nesbø (bass) and Erik Brødreskift (drums). Heavily (!) influenced by their favourite bands at the time, Slayer and Metallica, they set out on a Thrash Metal journey. They rehearsed in a fall out shelter (of course!) and named themselves Hell Awaits (what else?).
In 1988 they had their first live appearance at a local music festival, Kronstadfestivalen. Their three song setlist concluded with the song "Time To Die", triggering both stage diving and crowd invasion at the end. In 1990 they played at the Thrashfestival in Bergen, under the new name From Beyond.
After that the band split up. Erik Brødreskift went on to play the drums in the Black Metal bands Immortal, Borknagar and Gorgoroth. Finn were involved in several bands as a guitarist, bassist and drummer, and in the mid-nineties Finn and Yngve played together in the indierock band Twigs.
In the spring of 2018, Finn wanted to record two of the songs from their Thrash beginnings, some of the original songs were just too good to die of old age! So THEY entered Solslottet Studio, with producer Iver Sandøy (Enslaved) also handling the drums. Finn played the guitar and bass. Yngve was back on vocals.
On Sept. 28th 2018, their first single "Time To Die" was released for streaming, and a second single, "From Beyond" on Dec. 6th the same year. Both songs were released as a seven inch single as well, in a very limited number, and quickly became a collector's item.
The process of recording the old songs was such a great experience that the band decided to continue their walk down the Thrash Metal path. New songs started to flow, and it soon was clear that a full length album had to be made. The band entered Solslottet studio with engineer and producer Iver Sandøy, and recorded three old songs and seven brand new ones. Iver also did all the studio session drumming.
Four singles have so far been released on various streaming platforms and two videos, "Time to Die" and "Epitome of Resentment", have been made. So far the videos have gained more than 15.000 views. The band has also been featured in Norway's most important metal magazine, Scream Magazine.
The debut album, "A Shadow of All Things Broken" is now available as of February 2021 on limited edition LP - coming directly from the press-plant and into KATAKOMBEN!