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SAMAEL - Worship Him CD*

SAMAEL - Worship Him CD*

149,00 kr
Originally released by Osmose Productions on April 1st, 1991, SAMAEL's Worship Him came out at a time when you could count the number of black metal bands worldwide on two hands. Taking their roots in Hellhammer and Celtic Frost and infusing a putrid, occult atmosphere, Worship Him revelled in the creeping, the morbid and the desolate, with some of the catchiest songs in black metal's history (the title track alone is worth the price of admission). SAMAEL has left an undeniable black mark in the rising 'second wave of black metal' that remains unrivaled to this day, and no self-respecting fan should pass this amazing LP up.

Limited edition digipack 1000 copies, including complete booklet with lyrics.

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