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SANCTUM SATHANAS - Into the Eternal Satanic Damnation LP

SANCTUM SATHANAS - Into the Eternal Satanic Damnation LP

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In darkest dirge crooned across an undercrypt of desolate inferno reigns that hallowed entity of power penance known only by arch herald of SANCTUM SATHANAS who, in allegiance with the malevolent Inferna Profundus Records, have transmogrified their debut full-length incantation by grand grim title of "Into the Eternal Satanic Damnation". In observance of the morningstar of dawn decadence, Lucifer, SANCTUM SATHANAS have forged a true incantation of Raw Black Metal brutality in service to His name and shining unlight; unleashing an orthodox inflection of melancholic savagery across a variety of eclectic and densely composed spells, each more engrossing in ennui than that which came before. It is through Into the Eternal Satanic Damnation that SANCTUM SATHANAS preaches forth their most heretical grimoire of ruin to date, coagulating an alchemical concoction of pure blasphemy steeped in the true ways of old and celebrating all that is infernal and daemonic in essence.

-180gr. Black vinyl. Limited to 100 copies.
-350gr. Jacket. Matt lamination. Black inside flood
-A2 poster
-LP sized insert
-Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
-Plastic outer-sleeves

Inferna Profundus Records 2023

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