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SARCOFAGO - The Laws Of Scourge LP

SARCOFAGO - The Laws Of Scourge LP

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Sarcófago is easily one of the most important bands in Black/Death Metal. Their influence can be felt the world over in songs, albums, bands, and entire scenes

Sarcófago was a band that always had been surrounded by mystery and controversy. Wagner Antichrist began as a member of Sepultura. But his stay in that band was short lived. After leaving that band, Antichrist decided to form the most brutal and agony-ridden band he could muster; thus began Sarcófago. From the onset, the band’s attitude, image, songs, and lyrics drove home the utter repudiation of the Christian faith, all its idols and anything that could ever be derivative of it. The band also unveiled the ugly realities of the human psyque through the notion of hidden sex desires, and the raw truth of Brazil’s dysfunctional and elitist society of the 80s.

The band was created in 1985, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Antichrist, was the singer; Incubus played the bass, Butcher was the guitar player and D.D. Crazy played the drums. The musical agenda involved lightning-fast drumming (INRI was one of the first Metal albums to ever contain blast beats), dirty and ugly riffing and an agonizing Death/Black Metal vocal delivery.

Sarcófago’s first two songs, which are considered classics today, were included in the “Warfare Noise I” compilation (1986), along with Mutilator, Chakal and Holocausto. But it wasn’t until “I.N.R.I.” came along that the band’s name starting flowing worldwide. Songs such as Satanas and Nightmare are mainstays of Black Metal. 

After the release of “I.N.R.I.” the band had a lot to exceed in terms of expectations, considering it was thought of as one of the albums that helped shaped the Black Metal genre.  "The Laws of Scourge" was the second studio album. It was on this album that the band's lyrical content shifted from Satanism to more realistic subject matter; "Midnight Queen" is about a prostitute, while "Screeches from the Silence" is about living life in a care-free manner. After the lo-fi black/thrash metal style of I.N.R.I., The Laws of Scourge marks a change in musical style, with the band playing clearer and more proficient death/thrash metal. 

Reissue from Greyhaze Records in conspiracy with Cogumelo Records. the vinyl is housed in a standard jacket, featuring all the original artwork, including a full-color insert. Black vinyl release only.

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