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SARKOM- Demo 2004 12'' MLP

SARKOM- Demo 2004 12'' MLP

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20 years after it was originally released on CD-R by the band POLYPUS RECORDS unleash an official and very limited pressing on CD, 12'' MLP and 12'' PICTURE DISC MLP!

Stripped of theatric(k)s, Sarkom's Demo 2004 is a must-have for any true fan of second-wave Black Metal. But act fast, for this release is a one-time pressing! No digital release and no represses!

Dive into the infernal abyss of Sarkom, the legendary Norwegian Black Metal entity hailing from the dark heart of Oslo. Formed in 2002, Sarkom has been a relentless force in the underground metal scene, carving their path with uncompromising ferocity.

In 2004, Sarkom unleashed their debut demo, a savage proclamation that True Norwegian Black Metal is not only alive but thriving! With crispy, strangulating strings, relentless skin-pounding, and devilish lyrical formulations, Sarkom's Demo 2004 delivers an auditory assault like no other.

Drawing inspiration from the raw violence of Gorgoroth's Pentagram and infusing it with the epicene essence of early Kampfar, Sarkom crafts a unique, dark, and crushing sonic landscape. Polypus Records, recognizing the sheer brilliance of this masterpiece, seizes the opportunity to release it in a limited vinyl edition.

Limited edition of only 250 numbered copies on black vinyl only. POLYPUS RECORDS 2024

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