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SINISTRAL KING - Serpent Uncoiling CD

SINISTRAL KING - Serpent Uncoiling CD

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It’s been the insatiable hunger for musical creation, a never-ending desire to manifest occult creativity, that brought SINISTRAL KING together in early 2018. Featuring members of UNLIGHT (Ger), TRIUMPH OF DEATH (Sui) and VREDEHAMMER (Nor), the trio continues the tradional roots of Black Metal, while never fearing to create a new, dark path.

"Serpent Uncoiling", a magnum opus of five majestic, occult death-black metal pieces, which are paired with the dark elements of classical music. Entertaining, gripping, full of diversity and atmosphere; but despite all the different influences, it is always committed to the band’s traditional roots of the darkest art in Metal.

This is their debut full-length album





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