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SINOATH - Forged in Blood & Still in the Grey Dying 2LP

249,00 kr

SINOATH, hailing from Sicily, Italy, should not need introduction for anyone who was actively following the development of Black & Death Metal in the early 90s. The bands Dark Occult Metal with the unique bone-chilling synths quickly drew much attention the world over, as they were arguably one of the very first bands to incorporate synths in that particular way – in turn influencing a great number of bands.

The Sinister Flame brings forth the bands two first – and legendary - studio recordings together with an obscure live recording of the bands very first gig (May 1991) on vinyl for the first time.

- 350gsm carton gatefold jacket
- 2 x 140g black vinyl
- Vinyl mastering by Spyros Stasis
- Layout by Chimére Noire
- Limited to 500 Copies

The Sinister Flame - 2017