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SORTILEGIA - Arcane Death Ritual CD*

SORTILEGIA - Arcane Death Ritual CD*

149,00 kr

Few contemporary black metal projects are able to do what Toronto duo Sortilegia manage to accomplish with an eerie effortlessness: gesture towards black metal’s dark, raw origins without mocking, mimicking, or damning by faint imitation. On their debut full-length, Arcane Death Ritual, Sortilegia has created something that feels genuinely dangerous.While certainly raw, the production style doesn’t feel like an affectation; there’s a primordial ferocity in the torque and texture of the sound that could not otherwise be captured. Arcane Death Ritual is an exercise in the limits of control, a constantly threatening and ever-shifting restraint. The record seems to be just barely contained, and ever ready to erupt into violence.

- rough cartonstock gatefold jacket
- heavy innersleeves
- poster sized 60*60cm
- 180g BLACK virgin vinyl

Ván 2014