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TAAKE - Noregs vaapen CD

TAAKE - Noregs vaapen CD

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There are few black metal bands as authentic as Taake. Hoest, its headman, was born and raised in Bergen and the name of his band is itself a tribute to his hometown. "Noregs Vaapen" is translated to "Norway's Weapon", and as you might imagine, the release itself is an assault on the rest of the world in the name of Norway.

Taake don't blaze a new trail; they simply obliterate the competition. "Noregs Vaapen" offers a satiating balance of scathing impiety, harmonic luminosity and animalistic ardor. The album's consistent quality places it amongst the year's elite black metal efforts. If you can abide Hoest's sordid lyrical choler, you're going to want to own this album.

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