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TAAKEFERD - Mitt septer for et tusenårsrike TAPE

TAAKEFERD - Mitt septer for et tusenårsrike TAPE

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TAAKEFERD - established 1999 in Tromsø, Norway. After several demos and EPs, among them “Livsgnist” (2005), Taakeferd released their debut album “Når sirkelen brytes” in 2012.

As a consequence of the self-obliterating state of everyday life, there has been little activity since the release of their debut album. In other words; life happens, shit happens, and they kept to their dungeon for close to a decade.

But there is life in the old lady yet!

A new flame has ignited the old beast, manifested in the new album entitled “Mitt septer for et tusenårsrike”. With no intention of reinventing the genre, MSFET rather hails from the tradition of the old, disgusting, filthy and aggressive black metal soundscape. Still undoubtedly Black Metal, but with a more prominent touch of punk. Lyrically the album explores the classical theme of death and vanity, the ethical and categorical limits of human existence and the boundaries of truth and knowledge.

“Det er et gode å ha gangsyn i mange år fremover”

Taakeferd, 2020

K.H. Horisont




Limited and numbered pro-printed cassette in 100 copies. Co-release between SCREAMING SKULL RECORDS and APOCALYPTIC EMPIRE RECORDS 2021

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