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TEHOM - the merciless light LP

TEHOM - the merciless light LP

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The highly anticipated debut album of Sweden's TEHOM «The Merciless Light». With a lineup whose roots run deep in the Swedish underground for the past 20+ years, TEHOM mainline that combined experience into a beast of blackened death metal as fresh as it is timeless. With all but a demo prior – also titled «The Merciless Light», but released in 2011 and at half the length and in rawer form – on the debut album «The Merciless Light», the quartet took their time to finesse and fine-tune their sound into one that spans decades without bearing the stench of “retro” tedium. It's proudly and mercilessly DEATH METAL, but blackened in a most barbaric manner, gnarly and gnawing and knowing no respite, but never forgetting the iron-fisted fundamentals of harnessing chaos into streamlined form.

With members from Obligatorisk Tortyr, Grief Of Emerald and Bestial Mockery!



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