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Brand new tracks from each band! Raw Finnish Black Metal.

Stricly limited edition. NO RE-PRESS!!!!

By dyad spells of darkness dirge black metal triumph do two entities hailing from the darkest corners of the Finnish hinterlands conspire oaths of wolven shadow, these by herald of The True Werwolf and Commander Agares, their bloodstained black barbarism to shake even the immortality of the world tree itself.

Cast forth by lunar talons more than two decades again in the age of 2002, The True Werwolf is one of Finland’s most infamous black metal entities and one of those chiefly helmed by the equally infamous Werwolf (Satanic Warmaster, Orlok & Vargrav), a master sorcerer of the black arts that needs no introduction. With a long library of arcane incantations, such as Death Music, Nightfall, and the more recent Devil Crisis, The True Werwolf provides a single supreme spell for this split incantation that is rife with its trademark castings of; infectious tremolo melodics, ambient wolven intromancy, nuanced drumwork devastation, emblematic vocal rasps, haunting sample atmospherics, masterful spell composition, eerie spoken word passages and a truly balanced production of dissonant instrumental clarity.

Called to arms in the age of 2020, Commander Agares is a far more recent purveyor of sonic slaughter, but is no less potent in his expression of black metal entropy and ambient agony. With its debut incantation, Legions of Descending Twilight, a truly varied expression of multifaceted black metal that would set the grim foundations for his growing conspiracies with other entities in its continuing crusade. Here with The True Werwolf, Commander Agares provides a single spell of sovereignty; one steeped in melancholic mourn intromancy, stormy frostbitten tremolo, blast beats blizzard, vast glacial synth, nostalgic dolorous melodies, immediate infectious composition and clarity clear production of instrumental ire.

A masterwork of conspiratorial collusion, The True Werwolf and Commander Agares have sworn an audial oath of Finnish black metal total supremacy, one that any acolyte of either entity would be remiss to ignore—as monolithic glaciers collide, wolves rend flesh and battle steel shimmers in the grim of gloom and bathe of blood.

Text by @neheroth

60gr. '7EP with 350gr. spined EP cover with matt lamination.

Inferna Profundus Records 2024

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