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TOTTEN KORPS - Supreme Commanders of Darkness LP

TOTTEN KORPS - Supreme Commanders of Darkness LP

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Founded in 1989 in Santiago, Chile, TOTTEN KORPS is one of the extreme metal pioneers of the nation, as well as being an influence to the current generation of Chilean death metal bands. The band was born amidst the chaos arising from the military dictatorship ruling the country at the time – a scenario that fueled the goal of recording their first demo, 1990's The King of Hell Reclaims His Throne, and subsequently their second demo, 1992's From the Infernal Resurrection.

Never one for half measures, always patiently taking their time, TOTTEN KORPS at long last present their highly anticipated second album, Supreme Commanders of Darkness. Released in South America on CD at the end of last year, Supreme Commanders of Darkness proves that time has not dulled TOTTEN KORPS' fire; if anything, the quintet's more incensed than ever. And just like they've never been away, like 14 years haven't actually passed since their last recording, TOTTEN KORPS explode with all the wild, winding fury that made their early work so cherished. And yet, despite the immediate conflagration at hand, there's a pronounced technical aspect at play across the album, ably rendering their apocalyptic terror all the more mind-bending and -mangling and preserving their old-school roots all the while. Bow before the Supreme Commanders of Darkness! – (Nathan T. Birk)

Limited edition on black vinyl of only 200 copies!



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