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20th anniversary vinyl edition of TWILIGHT MOON's debut EP from 2000

Twilight Moon was formed 1998 in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari, Finland by Mathias Lillmåns (bass and vocals) and Kenneth Nygård (drums), soon to be joined by Joonas Lönnbäck (guitars) and Karin Thörnfeldt (keyboards).

The first demo was recorded late 1998/early 1999 and unofficially released early 1999. In may 2000 the band entered the studio to record their debut EP "Aether" which was released in august the same year.

During the time of the release second guitarist Mikael Mannström came along. This line up lasted until 2001 when Karin left and was replaced by Caroline Ahlvik. The new line up recorded the "Shattered reflections" single which was released in 2002.

 In 2003 Joonas left and was replaced by Jonas Frilund, just before the recording of the "Delusional" MCD. Delusional was released in december 2003 and became the last release from the band.

 However, Karin rejoined in 2005 along with Mats Backström (bass) and this line up lasted until the split up in 2008. Twilight Moon played their last show 5.1.2008 at Music Club Jeppis in Jakobstad, Finland

Limited edition of 350 copies on BLACK vinyl in great looking in gatefold cover!
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