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UNDER THE OAK - Rattus Norvegicus CD

UNDER THE OAK - Rattus Norvegicus CD

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2nd album from the Norwegians available on CD now!

Under the Oak play a combination of Thrash and old school traditional Heavy Metal which is rooted deep in the 1980s

In their own words:

The inception of UNDER THE OAK took place during the not too distant past. Initially it was just about friends coming together to honor our Speed and Thrash Metal heroes from the eighties, and we fashioned ourselves being a tribute band of that era. We rehearsed songs from Exodus, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Candlemass and so on, until we had a respectable set. We played some shows doing only covers, but as we were progressing, the Thrash-riffs also started turning up. Suddenly we had a bundle of our own songs and we started putting a few UNDER THE OAK-originals into the shows. The result was the debut album RIPPED UP BY THE ROOTS, consisting of 10 original songs and 2 cover songs. Make no mistake, WE ARE STILL A TRIBUTE BAND and will continue paying homage to the eighties, but we will do so both through our own material and through cover songs. A regular UNDER THE OAK show will be a mixture of this, but still weighing heavily on the cover material. 

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