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URARV - Substratum CD

URARV - Substratum CD

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On the 4th of April, Polypus Records will release SUBSTRATUM by Urarv. A raw and unrelenting attack on your senses. It is a journey through the raving mad past, present and future of the band.

You might recognize some titles, but this is not a compilation. It should be considered an alternative debut album by Urarv. In another universe this would have been the first release. These recordings were done in 2013, before the two first albums, and additional instruments and vocals were added in 2021/2022. Making this an epic and insane dive into the cesspools of sewers long forgotten. As a bonus, we have recorded one brand new track.

The reason why we wanted to work more on these recordings was that we dug the sound and the feel of them to such an extent that we thought they surpassed the album recordings in many ways and deserved proper attention.

So from bringing them into the light of awareness, we have fooled around with them a lot and had great fun in doing so.

Lots of new layers, instrumentally as well as vocally have been added throughout the passing of 2021 and 2022. Some nice contributions from various artists have screwed into the machinery also.

This is merely a treat for any of you sick fucks that actually want to listen to this triangle of toilets that is URARV, while we get busy working on the third studio album Urarv frontman explains.


This album features:

Agthstmod Nowbody Mord I - Vocals (Norwegian, English, Frenchish, Germanish and Russianish) and guitar

SlabadAn KirIchniSt - Electric, acoustic guitar and Greek on Valens Tempel

The Magic Lens Strobe Tonal IV - Bass, FX and scream on Sannhet

Bruce Neil Marlon Pitt the almighty cadaver feast from Brando, Pepper and Brüssel - Didgeridoo on Valens Tempel and Hungarian on Le Retortion

Trish - Drums

Parvez - FX

Tybalt - Metal drums on V.S.S.N.

Claes Hirth - Brushes and drums on V.S.S.N.

Vasso Michailidou - Accordion on V.S.S.N.

Agthstmod Nowbody Mord I’s guitars, vocals and FX recorded in 2013 at Supervillain HQ by Parvez.

All other instruments and additional vocals recorded and mixed between 2021 and 2022 at Evil Octopus Studios by The Magic Lens Strobe Tonal IV.

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