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Nine years after its debut release Iteration (also on Duplicate), Greek avantgarde black metal entity VACANTFIELD follow up with its second EP Idle. A 20-minute foray across sonic dimensions, bridging atmospheric black metal with electronic decadence. "This particular song, “Fluid Earth Delusions“, is by the Greek band Vacantfield. It’s a blazing, ravishing spectacle of sound — which then changes in many unexpected and equally glorious ways, both instrumentally and vocally. As riotous as the song often is, it’s spellbinding as well as mind-boggling, frightening as well as exhilarating. It’s so fascinating, so inventive, and so persistently surprising, that I haven’t been able to stay away from it for long at a time." 
(No Clean Singing)

Limited edition of only 300 copies, 4-panel digipack CD. Duplicate Records 2020

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