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VECORDIOUS - Anthropogenic Deterioration CD

VECORDIOUS - Anthropogenic Deterioration CD

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Members from Posthum, Cleaver and Cor Scorpii team up for their debut full length from this Trondheim-based band called VECORDIOUS.

Although the band have been lurking in Norway’s underground extreme scene for quite some time, ‘Anthropogenic Deterioration’ is sure to catapult them into the heartland of the black and death metal scenes.

Overall, this album leans more towards bands like Sikth and Messugah in terms of its style rather than bands such as Darkthrone. Still black and death metal, but the avant-garde twist really makes all the difference. With multiple time changes, speed and ferocity – this is completely different to the black metal you might expect when you hear the term Norwegian extreme metal. With a fresh new take on the genre and a blending of styles, Vecordious absolutely nail this album.

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