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VIO-LENCE - Eternal Nightmare 2CD

VIO-LENCE - Eternal Nightmare 2CD

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This album should be on everyone's top Thrash Metal albums list! Its brilliancy cannot be overstated. This album is able to combine speed, chaos, occasional melody, brutality and musical mastery like no other band has ever been able to do so before. 

By the time 1988 came around, the Thrash Metal scene was in full force. Bands such as Forbidden and Vio-lence were latecomers to the “Bay Area,” but offered an infusion of fresh blood. In the case of Forbidden, it was unusual vocal lines and intriguing song structures that made them fairly unique. While Vio-lence didn’t prove particularly innovative, they did ignite the flame of raw aggression bands like Death Angel or Exodus had lost by the late eighties. 

Pure aggression is the best way to explain the feel of Eternal Nightmare. Each riff has the intent to kill. Not once does the album show any mercy. It’s clear that Vio-lence wanted to explore the realm of sonic murder when they sat down and wrote the individual tracks. The result happens to be a collection of energetic, ambitious tunes; warfare personified by the crushing sound of thrashing madness. Unfortunately, the band forgot one key element.

And if you are new to the name VIO-LENCE it must also be mentioned that both Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel later went on to form Machine head.

Limited Reissue from METAL BLADE RECORDS - 2-CD Digipak including additional 12 tracks "Live At Slims! 

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