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WHIP - Digitus Impudicus CD

WHIP - Digitus Impudicus CD

99,00 kr

Digitus Impudicus is the debut full length of Whip. 15 years in the making, the album is a middle finger to the boundaries of genres. A pure love letter to aggressive music, Digitus Impudicus is thrash, black, death, doom, crust, grind and everything in between, all at once. 40 minutes of unfiltered musical dominance. 

Lineup: Sturt: (Guitar, vocals) Mr. Fister (Bass, vocals) Kikken (Drums) Guests: Bowel Ripper (Guitar Solo) Apollyon (Additional vocals) Nagash (Additional vocals) Offender (Additional vocals) Kjetil (Additional vocals) 

If you enjoy any kind of extreme metal, Digitus Impudicus will have something for you.

Limited handnumbered edition of 500 copies including A2 poster